17 Ramadan World Halal Day in the World

17 Ramadan World Halal Day in the World


As GIMDES and WHC, we organize various celebrations and events every year for 17 Ramadan World Halal Day, the day the first halal verse is revealed. Many HCBs, brothers and sisters all over the world unite and also celebrate this beautiful day. Here are some of them: ISWA Halal Certification Department (USA) ISWA Halal is organizing a webinar to celebrate 17 Ramadan World Halal Day and welcome the celebration messages of all the brothers and sisters.

Here is the link for the meeting which will take place at 11 am Washington Time: https://webinar.gomeet.com/933-509-518 Halal Greece and Halal Balkans Halal Greece and Halal Balkans have provided Iftar aid to 500 orphans and people in need in Syria, which unfortunately has been devastated by the long-lasting war in the region, on behalf of 17 Ramadan World Halal Day. May Allah (SWT) accept their good deeds and make it a good example for all.

Agency for Halal Standards (Macedonia) We celebrate World Halal Day and congratulate GIMDES, the World Halal Council and all WHC members on the World Halal Day, which also coincides with the Day of Badr, and we wish these blessed days to be Khair to everyone. Unfortunately, because of Covid-19, we will again not be able to join the events that are organized in Istanbul every 17 Ramadan.

ICSA Halal (South Africa) We celebrate the 17 Ramadan World Halal Day of all our brothers and sisters. We are attending a radio program to talk about World Halal Day and celebrate it. Halal Control (Germany) HALAL CONTROL Germany wishes all Muslims a blessed World Halal Day and Ramadan. American Halal Foundation (USA) We congratulate you on the celebration of the upcoming World Halal Day on 17th Ramadan.

May Allah reward all brothers and sisters in this month of Ramadan with His Rahmah. The Halal Catering Argentina Ramadán Karim inshallah. We, from The Halal Catering Argentina HCB we would like to join our brothers and sisters with the world Halal day this 17 of Ramadhan inshallah. We make a food zakat Action to a “Solidarian Feeding”. Thank you very much for this activity in this special month of shaher Ramadan alhamdulillah.

Associate Professor Dr. Hajah Mariam binti Abdul Latif It is with great pleasure for me to say Happy Ramadhan Kareem to all of you and wishing you all the World Halal Day!!! It is such a noble effort to develop this World Halal Day in uniting all the HCBs throughout the world and to pinpoint the importance of appreciating halal and tayyiban matters in halal food production and trade. I hope it will continue to be celebrated and more activities can be organized on this special day. Insha Allah!!!

Dr. A. Majid Katme (MBBCh, DPM) Muslims All Over the World Need Badly to Put Their Halal Meat House in Order! It is good golden opportunity in Ramadan to remember and fix all the above problems and concerns which are mentioned above on THE WORLD HALAL DAY/17 Ramadan so we can sort them out in order to have all: TRUE HALAL TAYYIB MEAT insha ALLAH…especially in Ramadan Ottoman Distributors (Mauritius) OTTOMAN DISTRIBUTORS believes that each Muslim has a duty and responsibility to spread Halal globally and to ease the access to halal products and services to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters worldwide. We must all strive to give the halal lifestyle prominence. Every small atom of contribution on the Halal way is important. We are happy to present you our simple slogan: ’17 Ramadan- World Halal Day: ONE DAY TO CELEBRATE ONE YEAR OF HALAL LIFESTYLE’

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