13th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference


On-Line Conference

On October 22-24, 2021, by GIMDES, “No Stop at the Service Against the Coronavirus Scourge. Keep Going!” themed 13th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference and 8th Halal and Tayyib Products Fair will be held online by GIMDES Fair Organization on 22-24 October 2021.

At the conference; academics, all relevant professionals, public representatives, consumer organizations, food industry professionals and representatives of relevant non-governmental organizations will come together through the online system and create a virtual platform where “New Normal Period of Halal Food and Halal Certification Will Be Discussed After the Coronavirus Plague”.

Purchasing committees from abroad will also participate in the organization, which aims to develop the halal certified product sector, raise awareness and stimulate the sector’s exports, via the online system. More than 30 countries including Iraq, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Netherlands, Finland, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, Belgium, England, France, Germany The purchasing committees to which it will participate will establish warm online contact with the fair participants.

Hurry to be a part of the conference and fair that offers great opportunities for those who want to reach foreign markets for halal and healthy certified products!

Topics of our Conference:

  • Critical points of biotechnological products in terms of halal food,gmo,chimera
  • Vaccines and Halal Drugs
  • Protein production from insects for the protein need in the world and the evaluation of artifical meat in an Islamic perspective
  • Creating an Islamic maderase system instead of West-product universities
  • Karz-i Hasen against the interest-bases system

Our Speakers:

  • Dr.Adel Sabir, European Halal Development Agency-England
  • Dr.Halil Aydin, Member of Gimdes Techincal Science Board-Turkey
  • Dr.Yilmaz Kaya, 19 Mayis University-Turkey
  • Fatih Kalender, Ismailaga and Gimdes Member of Fiqh Board-Turkey
  • Hikmet Karadag, Halkbank Assistant General Manager-Turkey
  • Muhammad Mazhar Hussaini, American Halal Foundation-USA
  • Moulana Muhammad Saeed Navlakhi, South African National Halal Authority-South Africa
  • Dr.Hamid Akcay, Founding President of the Association of Adding Value to Children. Founder of Explorer Child Academy Kindergartens
  • Prof.Dr.Isa Yuceer, Bitlis Eren University-Turkey
  • Prof.Dr.Seyfullah Oktay Arslan, Yildirim Beyazit University-Turkey
  • Prof.Dr.Hasan Yetim, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University-Turkey
  • Dhilia Udie Lamasudin, University Putra Malaysia-Malaysia


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